For stand-alone, self-access, teacher-less programmes of study, we can provide a range of packages, available on a simple click-though for you to  access whenever you want.

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English courses for international doctors.

Course contents are:

Patient Admissions; Taking Patient History; Examining a Patient; Discussing a Diagnosis; Explaining Tests; Describing Symptoms & Disorders; Discussing Surgery & Post-operative Care; Professional Writing Skills; The Body and Anatomy; End of Life Care.

English courses for international nurses.

Course contents are:

Giving accurate handovers; Talking about the body; Key medical terminology; Pressure area care; Preventing falls; Infection control; IV therapy; Administration of medications.

English courses for international HCPs.

Course contents are:

Introducing yourself; Talking about the body; Patient admissions; Taking observations; Eating and drinking; Toileting; Mobility; Pressure area care; Falls and injuries; Elderly patients; Infection control; Talking about pain; Mental Health; Hospital charts.

English courses for students and professionals in the Pharma Industry.

Course syllabus:

  1. The Essentials
  2. The Processes
  3. The Products
  4. The Business
  5. The Future
  6. Study Skills